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October 16, 2012
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My first request and reader fanfic so enjoy I guess…

You are a new founded country of _______ and you were raised by China (China needs more love dammit) anyway~ you one day decided to leave China with Japan and joined the Axis. You were great friends with everyone…except Romano…No matter how much you tried to befriend him he would always push you away and curse at you. Or at least that's what you thought…

"Roma~ guess what?" you chirped the hot headed Italian glares at you "What is it?" he barks. You giggle since you're super cute I mean seriously who couldn't adore your large ___e/c___ eyes? Or your silky ____h/c____? Romano huffs an agitated breath "What is it you want dammit?" you bat your adorable eyes "I was wondering if we could paint together?" Romano blushes at how your mouth turns into a cute kitty face like Belgium. He shakes his head 'Get yourself together Romano don't say anything stupid'
"Why don't you ask my idiot brother he's good at painting." He snaps you jump back slightly, hurt by his harshness "B-but I wanted to paint with you not Feli…" you whimper he mentally face palms 'Why do I always say something stupid every time this bella ragazza is around' he thinks. The brunette rolls his eyes "Why would you want to paint with me?" he asks you giggle "Because I just want to~!" you say as you rock back and forth on your feet. Romano takes his time to think it over and after what seemed like forever he answers reluctantly "F-fine…I guess I'll paint with you…" your ___e/c___ shine with excitement "Really?!" you practically squeal while jumping up and down. "Ye-" before Romano can answer you grab his hand and drag him to the kitchen where you had your paint supplies ready.
-time skip I'm lazy-
Now let me make this clear to you…you cannot paint to save your life sadly Japan and China's art skills did not rub off on you. So why did you want to paint with Romano…let's just say you had other plans. Romano sighs "Alright  what do you want to paint ______?" you put your hand on your chin "Hmmmmm…I know how about we paint tomatoes!!!" you jump excitedly Romano blushes you're just sooooo cute~ "Okay, okay we can paint tomatoes" little did you know he was smiling at the thought of painting his favorite FRUIT (NOT VEGETABLE GET IT RIGHT PEOPLE) with super adorable little you~

You two immediately grab your paint brushes and start painting after a little while you two finish and admire your work. To your surprise Romano painted some really good tomatoes they almost looked real you look at your paper there were no tomatoes on the page no it was something much different. Romano scowls "Alright I showed you my piece of crap now show me what you did master artist." You blush "Are you sure?" Romano blushes "Of course I'm sure!" you smile awkwardly as you hold up your page. Instead of a tomato you had painted a heart that says 'I love you Lovi' on the inside. Romano's face turned into the bright red shade of the paint "T-this is…do you mean it?" Romano asks. You blush "Why wouldn't I mean it?" you ask instead of getting your question answered your lips are attacked by Romano's tomato flavored ones.
Your face turns as red as Lovi's and you close your eyes before returning the kiss. Romano breaks the kiss and holds you close "Ti amo ______" he says softly you raise a brow "What does ti amo mean?" Romano kisses your forehead "It means I love you in Italian." You close your eyes and grin "I love you too Lovi!" and since that day you two were inseparable
-extended ending-
"Hey Lovi why do you have that weird curl?" you ask as you pull it gently Romano's face turns red "C-chigi!!! D-don't pull that _____!!!" he gasps you pull it again "Why?" suddenly you're pinned to the couch "You're about to find out amore~"
"Yay!!! Mi tomate is becoming a man!!!""Honhonhon~""Kesesesese~" suddenly all three are hit with a frying pan "Can't you see they need some privacy!" Zombie hisses
This sucks but as I promised I would write this for :iconthe-badass99:
Picture belongs to :iconnacchy89:
Story belongs to :iconzombieslayer284:
Hetalia belongs to :iconhimaruyaplz:
YOU belong to :iconcuteromanoplz:

:icongermanyplz: You clearly did not take too much time with this
:iconzombieslayer284: It's one in the FrUkin morning give me a break
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